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Physical Rehabilitation 
What is physical rehabilitation?
Physical rehabilitation aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities. Pets who also have gone through extensive trauma or surgery are also good canadidtes for physical rehabilitation.  

Hydrotherapy Heated Lap Pool
We use swimming as a non-impact exercise that strengthens your pets muscles while simultaneously assisting them with buoyancy. Swimming acts as a cardiovascular workout that targets all muscles in the body. Swimming allows your pet to achieve maximum range of motion and leads to increased muscle development. For our patients who have trouble walking on land, the waters assistive properties help them workout while reducing the impact on their joints.
*All of our patients go in the pool with a staff member and are assisted at all times. *
Underwater Treadmill
The underwater treadmill unweights which helps to increase range of motion and strength of the joints by slow and controlled walking. The water is kept at a therapeutic temperature in order to increase blood flow, comfort, and range of motion while your pet exercises. The water also adds resistance which helps to build muscle mass. By creating buoyancy for our patients they are able to achieve maximum stability as they walk through the water during their workout.
We use physioballs for our therapeutic exercises which targets core muscles while increasing balance and coordination. Ball work improves your dog’s body awareness,  flexibility, improves  reflexes, and leads to increased muscle tone and endurance. Core strength is important for dogs that experience weakness induced by old age, osteoarthritis, and/or degenerative disc disease. Having a strong core will aid your pet as they recover from many different types of injuries. Physioballs create a total body workout for your dog.
Therapy Laser
Laser therapy uses a cold red light laser to promote healing and aid in pain management. Visible red light is absorbed by skin layers very efficiently and is best for uses such as treating wounds and infections and repairing cell damage. It does this by stimulating the fibroblastic activity in the cells. These cells then produce collagen fibers which aid production of connective tissue.  Light energy reduces inflammation and increases the flow of blood to the area which encourages healing. It also enhances their body’s immune system, and causes the release of endorphins which help to relieve their pain.
Balance and Proprioceptive Land Exercises
Often times, proprioceptive awareness is the last function to return to dogs that have had neurological or spinal cord injuries. Proprioception is defined as the body's own sense of how the limbs are orientated in space. Without proprioception we would have to consciously watch our own feet to make sure we were staying upright as we walk. We use different exercises such as  cavaletti's (pictured left)  to help improve a dog's proproception. Good physical strength, flexibility and proprioception, or knowing where your body is in space, are critical in recovering from injury.
Therapeutic Ultrasound and Neuromuscular Electro-Stimulation
We use therapeutic ultrasound as thermal agent that can transfer heat deep within the muscles, as opposed to a hot pack which only delivers heat superficially. Ultrasound can be used in conjunction with stretching to help improve the extensibility of your pets muscles and also aids in pain control. Another therapeutic technique that we implement is neuromuscular electro-stimulation. Electro-stimulation is used to help strengthen muscles using an electric current to contract the muscle if your pet is unable to contract their own muscles naturally.
Mobility Carts
Some of our patients who cannot achieve maximum mobility on their own are often good candidates for a mobility cart or wheelchair. We use only Eddie's Wheel's mobility carts because they are custom made to fit your pet perfectly. Once the animal adapts to the cart  they are often able to regain independence and have the freedom to walk, run, and play in their new wheelchair. If you're interested in having your dog measured for an Eddie's Wheels cart,  please call or e-mail us to learn more.  We also have variety of Eddie's Wheel's cart for rental.
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How can my pet benefit from physical rehabilitation?
Cases will vary from pet to pet but our goals include: 
  • expedite recovery from surgery or injury 
  • increase strength and endurance 
  • relieve pain and discomfort 
  • improve function 
  • improve functioning of joints 
  • weight reduction and conditioning 
  • wound healing 
Available Therapy Services...
Slim Swim Program
Obesity is a serious medical condition that can cause injury, health problems, and shorten your pets life span. Obesity in your pet is 100% preventable and can be controlled through a firm diet and exercise plan. Your pets body condition score is evaluated by our staff veterinarian and then a workout plan is established to meet the weight loss goals for your pet. The slim swim program incorporates our underwater treadmill, swimming, ramps, land exercises and core strengthening activities.
Massage and Passive Range of Motion
Typically,  your pets  therapy session will begin with applying  moist heat to  tight or painful muscles.  This is followed by a full body massage, utilizing effleurage and petrissage techniques to help loosen any tightness in the muscles. Often times, dogs compensate by shifting weight off of a limb that is painful. This will cause compensatory soreness and stiffness in other places, such as the shoulders, back, and hind end. The massage will help to release the pressure in these areas and increase the comfort of your dog. We incorporate passive range of motion during the massage followed with stretching.