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Physical Rehabilitation 
What is physical rehabilitation?
Physical rehabilitation aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to those with physical impairments or disabilities. Pets who also have gone through extensive trauma or surgery are also good canadidtes for physical rehabilitation.  

Underwater Treadmill
Hydrotherapy Heated Lap Pool
The underwater treadmill unweights, which helps to increase range of motion and strength of the joints by controlled walking or trotting. The water is kept at a warm therapeutic temperature in order to increase blood flow and comfort while working on range of motion for exercise. The water also adds resistance, which helps to build muscle mass. By creating buoyancy for our patients they are able to achieve maximum stability as they walk through the water during their workout.

Grace walks downhill on the underwater treadmill for shoulder strengthening.
We use swimming as a non-impact exercise that strengthens your pets muscles while simultaneously assisting them with buoyancy. Swimming acts as a cardiovascular workout that targets all muscles in the body. For our patients who have trouble walking on land, the water's assistive properties help them workout while reducing the impact on their joints.

*All of our patients go in the pool with a staff member and are assisted at all times. *
Companion Laser Therapy - Photobiomudulation Therapy

Laser light uses photons to accelerate healing and aid in pain management. The photons are absorbed by skin layers very efficiently, repairing cell damage and is best for treating wounds and arthritis. It does so by stimulating the fibroblastic activity in the cells. These cells then produce collagen fibers which aid production of connective tissue. Light energy reduces inflammation by increasing the flow of blood to the area which encourages healing. It also enhances their body’s immune system, and causes the release of endorphins which help to relieve their pain.
Digger gets pain relief from his laser treatment.
Mobility Carts

Some of our patients who cannot achieve maximum mobility on their own are often good candidates for a mobility cart or wheelchair. We use Eddie's Wheel's mobility carts because they are custom made to fit your pet perfectly and are adaptable to fit your dogs needs. Once the animal adapts to the cart, they are often able to regain independence. and have the freedom to walk, run, and play in their new wheelchair regaining confidence and freedom.

Greta regains her independence with her Eddie's Wheels.  
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How can my pet benefit from physical rehabilitation?
Cases will vary from pet to pet but our goals include: 
  • Expedite recovery from surgery or injury 
  • Increase strength and endurance 
  • Relieve pain and discomfort 
  • Improve function 
  • Improve functioning of joints 
  • Weight reduction and conditioning 
  • Wound healing 
Available Therapy Services
Fitness and Fun Swim Program

Fitness and fun is great for canine athletes, especially in the winter months when going for walks can be difficult with ice and snow. Also the fitness and fun program is perfect for the hot summer days when its too hot to walk outside. Feel free to bring your dogs favorite toy to play fetch! Also, if your dog is overweight this is a great option to get them moving. Obesity in your pet is 100% preventable and can be controlled by diet and exercise plan. Choose from the underwater treadmill for strength training or swimming in the pool for a cardiovascular workout. 
Feel free to call to set up a session!

Duffy works on his weight loss goals. 
Additional Modalities

Each pet is an individual and therapy plans may vary from patient to patient depending upon their needs.  The following are addition therapies that may be added to your pets program.  

-Massage therapy                           - Joint Mobilization 
-Passive range of motion              -Proprioceptive exercises
-Stretching                                       -Core strengthening 

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma is an all-natural pain relief option for your pet. PRP therapy utilizes blood plasma with concentrated platelets that, once activated, accelerate healing via tissue repair and cell regeneration. PRP can help treat hip dysplasia, arthritis, degenerative joint disease (DJD), injured joints,  post-surgical healing, soft tissue injuries, accelerated wound healing, acute and chronic conditions. This procedure entails a blood draw, which is then processed through a centrifuge machine to settle the platelets, which are activated by light therapy and then injected back into the patient. The injection can go into the problem area and/or into the vein based on what is best for that patients' condition.

Dr. McMillan is palpating Honey's shoulder prior to injecting the PRP.

Senior Wellness Plan
In addition to treating common orthopedic conditions, soft tissue injury and neurological conditions, Sterling Impression prides itself in its treatment of senior patients.  This program is designed for healthy dogs over the age of ten.  The program includes an evaluation with Dr. McMillan, two full body digital thermal imaging scans, six therapy sessions and a customized home exercise. Also at the end of the completed program we also include another re-check exam with Dr. McMillan. If you are interested in exercising your senior dog in a positive and controlled environment and would like to increase your dogs mobility and independence, this program is for you.

Thomas works on his core strengthening to aid with mobility. 
Custom Orthotics

Sterling Impression, in partnership with OrthoPets in Denver Co., works to provide patients with supportive braces and orthotics. Whether your dog is in need of a knee brace from a cranial cruciate ligament tear, carpal support or a prosthetic, Sterling Impression can provide you with the custom molding and measurements needed for OrthoPet to make a custom brace for your pet. Molding and measurements must be precise for the best possible fit for your pet. 
Each brace is custom made to your pet's needs.