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            See pain in a whole new light with          Digital Thermal Imaging 

What is Digital Thermal Imaging?

Digital thermal imaging (DTI) measures the radiant energy from the target tissue. The camera reads and illuminates this energy in a non invasive, non painful way.   Digital thermal imaging or Digatherm is a valuable tool in aiding in the diagnoses of inflammation or lack of circulation for the exact location in the body.  This cutting-edge technology is vital part in developing customized therapy treatment plans.

​Sterling Impression would like to thank the Hunter Foundation LTD in addition to Sophie and Stella's Mom and Dad for their generous donation towards our digital thermal imaging camera.

This cutting edge technology will help us to better serve our patients. A fitting tribute to Hunter, Stella and Sophie. 
        Honey has pain in her right front leg.
Here we see an increase in tissue temperature in the shoulder.
Moxie doesn't want to put weight on her right hind leg.
Here was see elevated tissue temperature around the Achilles tendon.