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Dr. Marjorie C. McMillan DVM, DACVR, CCRP

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please contact us at 508-668-7946 or email us at SterlingImpression@gmail.com
1008 East Street, Walpole, MA 02081 | Email: SterlingImpression@gmail.com | Call: (508) 668 - 7946
Dr. McMillan graduated summa cum laude from The Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine and has been practicing for 45 years. In addition to specializing in avian medicine, Dr. McMillan is Board Certified Veterinary Radiologist which required internships at Angell Animal Medical Center, Tufts Veterinary School and University of California Davis.

With a deep fondness for geriatric dogs, Dr. McMillan began her coursework at The University of Tennessee in canine rehabilitation with the intention of improving the quality of life in senior dogs, dogs with orthopedic conditions and dogs with neurologic diseases. Her personal experience includes caring for her geriatric Labradors, Sterling and Norman, who both lived 16 years.
Currently Dr. McMillan has another yellow Labrador named Kyle. 
About Us
How we started, and where we are now...
This center was created as a result of a longtime dream of Dr. Marjorie McMillan. She realized there had to be a better way to treat animals with lameness issues. She carried her 15 year old paralyzed, Labrador retriever named Sterling around for 2 years. That led to an interest in physical rehabilitation and her getting involved in coursework at the University of Tennessee Veterinary School.

Her experience with Sterling inspired Dr. McMillan to create the Water Wellness Center in order to provide state-of-the-art care for other pets with musculoskeletal and neurological disorders.

The University of Tennessee had been doing groundbreaking work in physical therapy for small animals. In June of 2003, Dr. McMillan successfully completed the  Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practioner (CCRP) program offered at the University of Tennessee.  With the completion of the degree, she became one of the first thirty-six practionioners in the country!

In August 2004, the Water Wellness Center moved to its new location and was renamed Sterling Impression Animal Rehabilitation Center of New England. The center was named in memory of and dedicated to Sterling, Dr. McMillan’s Labrador retriever. 

With the move we have acquired additional space and new equipment which includes a heated lap pool, Digatherm scans, and PRP treatments. In addition to new equipment we also have excellent staff members who not only enhance the center with their care and compassion but bring along expertise in the world of animal rehabilitation.

Cathy Symons CVT, CCRP - Informational Podcast
Cathy is the co-host of PetAbility Podcast, helping you with information to enable your pet.  She is also the author of Blind Devotion: Enhancing the Lives of Blind and Visually Impaired Dogs. Cathy also wrote a children's version named Watching out for Digger.