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Success stories...
Prince suffered a cervical fibrocartilagenous emobolism and severe tetraplegia (paralyzed in all four limbs)

He was cared for in a specialty hospital for three weeks before being transferred to us. He arrive on a stretcher, barely able to lift his head. We began intensive physical therapy with him immediately, which included; massage, passive range of motion, neuromuscular stimulation and fitting him in a quad cart (a wheel chair will support in his fount end as well as hind).

Three months later Prince was able to stand, and later step on his own. Five months after that he was able to run and play with his family again.

Cotton is a lovely seventeen year old cat who came to Sterling Impression after suffering from a stroke. She could not walk without assistance or support weight on her hind legs to stand or use the litter box. She was in good spirits but very limited in her mobility.
Cotton came for a total of four sessions before graduating to a home program. Her treatments consisted of massage, passive range of motion, and exercises such as core strengthening on the therapy ball, walking in circles and figure 8's and on uneven surfaces, controlled stair climbing, dancing, and even walking on the underwater treadmill!
She had a great attitude and recovered quickly. Not only is Cotton again able to walk unassisted and support herself in the litter box, her owner reports that she is running, jumping and climbing as if she were a young cat again!

Mowgli was unable to use his hind limbs following removal of a thoracolumbar spinal meingioma (spinal mass). he underwent three months of physical therapy which included massage, stretching, standing exercises on the therapy ball and balance board. He also walked on the underwater treadmill and swam. His continued physical therapy has enabled him to walk, run and jump!

Henry fell down a flight of stairs and suffered bilateral distal radio-ulnar (both forelimbs) fracture. He was casted on both legs for 14 weeks but when his casts were taken off his forelimbs were weak and atrophied with severe carpal hyperextension bilaterally (both wrists). He was unable to walk on his own. Our physical therapists made custom orthotics for him. The splints, combined with physical therapy, enabled Henry to walk again.

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